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Kairos – The time of the spirit

We experience Chronos, the time of man, every day, all day and night.  Chronos is clock time.  We experience Kairos, (ki-ross) the metaphysical time of the spirit, when events come together at the right and opportune time, and the universe sends us a “telegram from heaven”.

Kairos moments can be in the form of seemingly unrelated events in our life that we can’t explain by cause and effect, but are somehow uniquely linked by personal meaning. They are brought to us to “intuit a higher meaning” as seemingly chance events happen at just the right time to influence our thinking and our lives in an important way.

I recall one particularly memorable day that woke me up to the awareness that Devine assistance of Kairos is a reality. This is an absolutely true story. 

I was attending the first day of a company sponsored, week-long class on Achieving Excellence. My eye was drawn to the top corner of the white board where someone had written in bold red letters, “Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet”. At that same moment our instructor said,  “If you can’t be on time, don’t bother to show up at all.”

Being late was one of my pet peeves too.  The location of this class added an extra 30 minutes to my drive, across town through one of the most congested streets at rush hour.  I decided to add  an extra hour of travel time to allow for the usual travel delays. At the time, little did I realize the importance of this decision.

Day two, I was up early. I loaded the car, briefcase, purse, and baby’s travel bag.  It was cold outside, so I started the car, turned the heater on and went back in the house to get my son. I buckled him in his car seat, shut the car door, and went to get in the car, satisfied that I was sticking to my early schedule. 

Then horror of all horrors occurred. The kind that immediately drops a boulder in your stomach. The car doors were locked. Keys were in the ignition with my baby locked in a running car. How could I be so mindless

Then instant relief came. I remembered, last month we had made extra keys for the cars and had put them in the safe. I ran back in the house, got the extra key, unlocked the car and continued my trip. No problem, only about five minutes lost. 

A couple of blocks from the house, I noticed the car was hard to steer.  I pulled over, got out and noticed a tire was half flat.  Really?  What else could go wrong? I was able to make it back home before it went completely flat.  Fortunately, my husband’s car was available because he drove his  company truck that day, so I ran in and grabbed the spare key from the safe.  After transferring my bags, car seat, and son to the “spare” car, I left home again, another twenty minutes lost.

I took my son to day care, and drove to class listening to the radio,   marveling at how I had been able to sidestep the mishaps. I pondered what I would have done if not for the spare keys and car.  I might have been stressing out, feeling inadequate, and beating myself up for not being prepared. Instead, I was calm, collected, and pretty pleased with myself. I liked that happy place! The best was yet to come.

I pulled into the first empty space in the parking lot with five minutes to spare, and as I reached to turn off the radio the announcer said, “the thought for the day is, luck is where preparation and opportunity meet.”    I kid you not.

As I took my seat in class I noticed the quote still on the top corner of the whiteboard.  I pondered this “coincidence”. I wondered how long it had been there, and who put it there. What was I to make of this? Was spirit trying to tell me something?

I concluded, no way could the events of this morning have been orchestrated except by design. Something bigger than me was at work here: the quote written on the white board, my decision to be early, the mistakes and mishaps, the extra keys, the spare car, and the final telegram from heaven proclaimed on the radio by someone far removed from my situation.  It was as if the “Force”was with me that morning. 

Many times we fail to recognize telegrams from heaven.  If we don’t shrug off those seemingly small, mysterious, Kairos moments, and we intuit the higher meanings, we realize that nothing that happens in our life is accidental. The knowledge that was impressed upon me that day was, I could remove a lot of the stress in my life if I would only think ahead and plan better – a lesson well needed at that time.

For every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

We are constantly receiving telegrams from heaven.  Sometimes they take the form of  the “worst thing that ever happened to us” that turns out to be the “best thing that ever happened to us.”

Other times they are subtle messages from strangers.  They may be in the form of a book we decide to read that gives us some insight relevant to our life at that time, or an event that forces us to step out of our comfort zone.

Telegrams from heaven are customized to each person’s needs and always arrive at the ‘right’ time, Kairos.  The more open we are to these telegrams from heaven, the more we attract them, and the better we become at experiencing the joys and challenges in our life and finding serenity and happiness.

Recognize when Kairos is occurring in your life. Don’t let your telegrams get thrown in the trash before you take time to read them.  Be receptive. Pay attention to things as they are introduced into your life – books, people, problems, quotes, joys, gifts, even adverse situations.  Ask, “What is the purpose of this in my life? What am I supposed to learn from it.”

My telegram that morning told me I better be more proactive at looking  ahead, planning and creating contingencies to deal with any adverse situations thrown my way, (and don’t lock the keys in the car). I resolved from then on I would prepare better, and construct more happy places in my life.

The Force will be with you…always.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

If you have experienced Kairos, or telegrams from heaven, please share your experience and how it impacted your life.

If you know someone who would benefit from this message, please feel free to share it with them.

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