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If I were the CEO, if I didn’t weigh so much, if I were good looking, stronger, smarter….. I would be happy.  These are all circumstances or conditions that many people attach to their happiness.

A wise friend once told me happiness is not something you find; it’s something you bring.  In fact if you go in search of happiness, expecting to find it outside of yourself you will be disappointed.

So what do you bring?

“But I have good reason to be unhappy,” you say?   “I am deeply in debt; I can’t stop smoking; I am overweight and unhealthy. “

You must want more happiness in your life or you wouldn’t have found this site.  You must want more happy places and more genuine happiness;  not manufactured happiness.

Did you know happiness relies more on letting go of unhappiness than on other people’s actions and outside events?  You can change your state of mind, let go of past mistakes, and bring more happiness into your life and the life of others.

Many of The great thinkers and spiritual leaders say our main goal in life is happiness.  But they don’t always tell us how to be happy.

In the schools I attended there were no classes on how to be happy in life;  no Happy Places 101.  There was no B.A. of Happiness, no M.H.P. (Master of Happy Places).

What if you could learn how to set yourself up for a lifetime of happiness?  I’m here to tell you happiness can be learned and it’s never too late to learn.   I’m speaking of real happiness, not fake happiness or just temporary pleasure.  Follow me as I show you how to bring ultimate happiness into your life.  The kind that is persistent in our lives regardless of the ‘ups and downs’.  We will create an environment of intentional happiness that I call “Happy Places”.

Happy Places, Golden Moments

Happy Places are moments, situations and places where you feel extreme pleasure or contentment.     Happy Places can be a situation you find yourself in such as the result of an accomplishment or recognition of something for which you have worked hard.    It can be a place where you feel contented and at peace or excited and eager.  You are in your Happy Place when it seems as if the stars and planets are all aligned in your favor and “all is well with your world”.  You feel happy in these golden moments.

I’m reminded of a western movie I saw once where an Indian camp was being invaded, arrows and bullets flying everywhere, people running and screaming.  But one young pregnant Indian woman who was in labor went into the woods to birth her baby.  In that relatively brief moment in her life, time stood still, the noise of the battle going on around her was but a din in the background.   Her focus was on the task at hand.   And amid all the chaos she was at peace, smiling as she cradled the beautiful life that had been placed in her care.  She was in her happy place, even if just briefly.

Maybe you felt the same as you held your newborn child in your arms. The whole world could have been falling around you but all you felt was unconditional love for that beautiful child, peacefully sleeping and so completely dependent on you.

Find a way to live in the moment, doing something that requires your attention so you are so focused you forget about your worries for a while.

A Happy Place for you could have been when you graduated from high school or college or achieved a professional certification.  All the work that went into making this a reality came to fruition and is now just a memory.  You may have exchanged a significant amount of your lifetime to achieve this Happy Place, and you have the satisfaction of knowing it will positively impact you future.  You deserve the reward; it is a culmination of your choices, planning, focus and dedication.  Feeling the pride of accomplishment and achievement is a strong happy place.

These are just a few examples of Happy Places.  Happy Places can be found in everyday life, if you just look for them.   Our happiness is a result of our decisions and choices during our life.  If you find yourself in an unhappy situation because of some poor choices in the past, don’t worry.  You can start now to intentionally create Happy Places in your life.

“Happiness is as much a law as is error or goodness or day and night, for without it man is a dreary being indeed.”  Edgar Cayce, 262-109

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