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Welcome to One Happy Place

where you can find practical ideas for

creating Happy Places in your life.

I’m Anne Marshall and I am all about helping you create Happy Places for yourself and those around you.  I am best described as an introverted, positive thinking, cockeyed optimist and a goals driven, non-conformist, overall happy person.

I write about happy projects, activities, people, and places based on research and real life experience to inspire and guide you in your pursuit and discovery of a more happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

So come along with me on this journey  to recognize and create Happy Places in your life.  My goal is to post on the average about twice a month.  You can subscribe to to automatically receive posts in your email inbox.



Here I write about projects, activities, and hobbies that help us create a happy and balanced lifestyle.



Here we explore thoughts (the ART part) and subjective research (the Science part) about happiness.  You will also find practical steps to finding Happy Places and achieving long term happiness.



Here I write about people and places to provide inspiration on your journey to happiness.