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Change Your Choices & Change Your Future

Although sometimes we may think we don’t have much choice in our life, we are actually confronted with many choices and the consequences of those choices every day. Consequences will either positively reinforce our choice or punish us for making a poor choice.

Many times choices are made due to some disaster in our life… an unexpected event that seems to be the worst thing that could have happened, like a job loss, or betrayal by a loved one or friend. As a result, we are forced to make choices and changes even though we had no control over the event.

Sometimes this turns out to be a “Telegram From Heaven,” because we find out this disaster was one of the best things that could have happened to us. It forced us to make a life changing decision that took us to a better life. We made a choice we wish we would have made long before.

If we are dissatisfied with something and we choose to accept it, we are choosing. Yes, choosing not to choose something different is a choice – a passive choice to accept the status- quo and let life happen to us.

If we don’t make our own choice, there are plenty of people out there just waiting for the chance to make the choice for us.  It may be when we least expect it, and may not be in our best interest.

But when we make intentional choices, the whims of life will not take us places we don’t want to go. 

Why Wait For A Disaster To Choose The Life We Want?

How many times have you chosen not to choose a better path – one that will take you where you want to go and help you be the person you were meant to be?

Are you are so focused on your current situation, that you don’t make time to see the possibilities of a happier, more fulfilling life – a chance to be, do or have everything you want in life? 

Why not Choose life intentionally, based on your Dreams about what you really want to be, do or have. Why not make a dream and Choose intentionally to reach that dream?

You are continually writing and editing your story and your future through the choices you make. Choosing intentionally is about seeing the life you want and then choosing the goals and habits that will create that life. 


Here are three keys to making the Right choice.


Your WHY lights the fire to power the right choices.  You must be clear about your desire…your dreams… what you want to be, do, or have. 

Consider the different areas in your life – Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Family, Financial, and Career, and focus on one core desire you have in each of those areas that will make your life better.

What positive outcome would you like to experience? Think about how your life will be better when you achieve your desire. Write your WHYs and your outcomes in your journal.


Goals are your How. How will you purposefully develop the skills, gifts and talents God gave you that will allow you to achieve your WHYs? Align your goals with your WHYs to empower, inspire, and unleash your potential. Be sure to write down your goals.


When you have a choice to make, choose the path that moves you closer to your goals. Because you have aligned your goals with your WHYs you will know the right choice. Each right choice will open opportunities for more great choices.

Your WHY lights the fire,

Goals keep the fire burning,

Action is consistently making choices that support your goals.

Make The Right Choice!

Stop – Challenge – Choose

Remember this phrase in weak moments.  Stop and think about your WHY. Challenge your choice. Make the choice that moves you closer to your goal.


Now, I’m going to make things simple for you so you can start Choosing a better future today. This will remove the overwhelm by helping you make one good small choice after another. Small steps in the right direction will produce great results.

Pick ONE of your WHYs that you identified earlier.

Next, identify one bad habit in that specific area of your life and replace it with a good habit that helps you take control of your life. This is your ONE goal.

Take action. Repeat that ONE good habit, until it becomes second nature.

Do it again. Once you have mastered one good habit, you will understand The Power Of ONE. Identify another bad habit in another area, and replace it with a good habit. Soon you will find your life has improved in each area, simply because you chose the right habits one small choice at a time.


Habits are choices. We are connected to the results of our choices. If we make enough good small choices in each area of our life, we will intentionally create the future we want.

Our future depends on the choices we make. Our choices today become our reality tomorrow.

When the result of our choices satisfies our heart, it’s a happy day and a happy future.

Oh.. by the way… don’t worry too much if you make a wrong choice every now and then. Once you feel the consequences and realize your mistake, learn from it and forgive yourself knowing that at that point in time and with the knowledge you had, it was the best and the right decision to take.  You will be one step closer to your goal by learning what doesn’t work.

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